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At The Essents Co we love the beautiful things in life: colour, fun and natural style. We design and produce textiles for the table and kitchen, home furnishings (cushions, throws and quilts), bags and accessories, garments (kaftans, kimono’s and scarves) all which we source from amazing India. Traditional screen printing techniques are used to print the beautiful designs onto the 100% cotton and velvet fabrics. The products are handmade and therefore every one is unique.  We provide gorgeous products that enrich people’s lives and don't cost the earth, financially or environmentally 

We are Malcolm and Serena and after seeing our first child off to school I (Serena) starting looking for an opportunity to work in a business that I could be passionate about, and one where we could utilise our extensive sales skills in.  Malcolm has another full time job which keeps him busy so its me at the helm, which suits me fine... besides which I am the one that has the fashion sense ;)   We love what we do and look forward to wowing you and your customers with our gorgeous products and excellent customer service.   

We are a wholesale company and our exclusive brands can be purchased from our network of reputable retail stockists throughout New Zealand and Australia.


Serena @ The Essents Co   

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